3 Last Minute Valentines Date Ideas

Are you struggling for a last minuted idea for Valentine’s, and weren’t able to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant? We’ve got you covered.


1. Go To a play

What: BCT’s Fata Morgana with two showings on Saturday – 2pm & 8pm

Where: Boise Contemporary Theater (BCT) productions are always exceptional! Enjoy wine and beer by the glass before the play and during intermission.

You’ll Need: Tickets


2. Take-out and a View

What: Lots of places offer take-out options these days. Most restaurants will let you call in and order food to go. If you weren’t able to make reservations for your favorite spot, call in and order your food to go!

Where: Thankfully we live in an area where a great view is only a short drive away:

Table Rock – head up Reserve St, off of Broadway and take a Rt onto Table Rock Rd. The road to Table Rock can be a little rough – a 4 wheel drive vehicle is ideal. There will be an area to park, you have the option of getting out and eating outside, or enjoy the warmth of the car as you eat.

You’ll Need: Your take-out selection, a bottle or two of wine, wine glasses and bottles of water (be sure the restaurant includes napkins and utensils), and a blanket to cozy up in (especially if you eat outside). 

3. Picnic and Stargazing

What: A great way to still “go out” for dinner. Grab take-out as in the above suggestion, or snacks, and commandeer space at a local park where you have a good view of the sky.

Where: Camel’s Back Park has a few picnic tables available, and lot of open grassy space, without trees, so that you can snuggle down on a blanket and see the sky.

You’ll Need: Battery votive candles, a couple cozy blankets, basket or backpack, tablecloth, Valentines plates and napkins (they should be on sale today), single red rose, a variety of cheeses and meats (Whole Foods has a great selection) or take-out, your favorite wine or beverage of choice, dark chocolate truffles and a stargazing app (iOS or android).


There you have it. Three very easy to execute last minute date ideas for Valentine’s Day. Go get ’em tiger!

photo credit Martin F

Author: Date Better Boise

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