Fairytales & Failures: Say What?!

Last April I began to tap into the online dating world. I had done it before with decent luck. Found a good guy that I dated for just over a year before deciding he was a great guy, just not the guy for me. With this go, in a new area, I decided to go with POF and Christian Mingle. I had no bites at all on my Christian Mingle profile, but POF offered some interest. I met a guy and we seemed to hit it off. Grabbed coffee and chatted quite a bit, even had him over to my house a couple of times. We seemed to have a good time together. There was no pressure for a physical relationship, which was fine for me. After about the 5th date, I didn’t hear anything from him. I laughed to myself and thought, “Ok, he’s moved on.”

So, after that experience, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, my girls and I decided have “Sunday Funday.” And for some reason I decided to drink…quite a bit. This is a rare thing for me to do. I am typically the “mom” of the group, rounding everyone together and making sure only wise decisions are being made. We started at Chili’s for happy hour and ended up at the Buffalo Club. I hadn’t been here since college and it brought back fond memories. We each ordered a bucket of delicious, sweet liquor and proceeded to enjoy ourselves. At one point, a beautiful, tall, strong black man walked in. He was a bouncer there. The next words out of my mouth were, “I’d do him.” I know, I know, a classy line. Mind you, I don’t usually drink this much so I am a little feisty at this point. I end up striking conversation with this guy and it goes rather well. By the end of our stay, I tell this guy he should call me. Also, something that I NEVER do! He ended up taking my number and yes, calling me.

We went to Big Al’s and had a blast for our first date. Had a few drinks, chatted, played games, and then walked over to the park where we had more meaningful conversation. This guy seemed like an honest, nice guy! We continued to talk and had a few more evenings of hanging out, very low key and with no pressure of a physical relationship. So, after he leaves my house on a Thursday, I never hear from him again. Ok, at this point I’m actually pretty bummed and confused, for the second time, as to what on earth I am doing that a guy will disappear, with no word, after what seemed like a good connection! Monday morning rolled around and I got my answer for this guy. I received a knock at my door in the early AM. I thought for sure, this is either the Jehova’s Witness or Mormons, and I wasn’t about to get up for either of them. But yet again, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, followed by the doorbell. I decided to get up and answer the door. There are three gentlemen at the door. Not just three dudes, they are U.S. Marshalls! I about crapped myself as they explained to me that they were looking for this guy that was wanted in Tennessee for “serious crimes.” Say what?! I found myself stunned. I had let this guy into my house and had no idea! I didn’t even know his real name! I’m sure that it’s obvious that I am a trusting person, but I have made some adjustments since then. I even go as far as to background check. I mean, I can’t think of everyone as being as honest as I am. Don’t get me wrong! You can still find out crazy things about people that wouldn’t be on a background check.

Let’s take, for example, my experience with Bob (names have been changed to protect the innocent). Bob and I had our first date going to dinner, and the second was going for a walk in the park and returned to his place to watch a movie…in his room…on his bed. A little much for what I would typically care for, but what the heck, throw it to the wind right?! Well, Bob was pretty aggressive; started into the kissing and touching quick and heavy. I remember thinking, “This guy is intense!” Shortly into our make-out session, I thought, “Where is his other hand?” Mind you, we are both still fully clothed. Well, I found Bob’s other hand. It had pulled his penis up past his belt line and was stroking himself. Say what?! Who does that!? And on a second date!? Needless to say, I didn’t go out with Bob again. I figured he could take care of himself.

So ladies and gents, I’d love to hear what your stories of “Say what?!” are.

Until next week, take care and enjoy the beauty!


Author: Date Better Boise

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