The Dive Bar Crawl: North Boise

A dive bar crawl is definitely a great way to shake up your typical date night and explore restaurants and bars that you wouldn’t normally frequent. Have a great time – get some friendly competition going with pool or darts, and people watch to your heart’s content.



You’ll want to start with a good food foundation before venturing out on your dive bar crawl. This means skipping the salad or sushi; a night like this calls for something a little heavier – and that means a great opportunity to try some place new or out of the ordinary.

1. Taj Mahal

Mmmmm, I’m drooling just thinking about eating here. The Taj Mahal is not just one of my favorite Indian restaurants, it’s in my top 5 Boise restaurants, period. The restaurant is family owned and run, with mom in the back doing the cooking and dad and kids up front as the wait staff. The service is always friendly, attentive and engaging. They bend over backward to make sure your experience is just what you want. The Taj Mahal would make the perfect start to your dive bar crawl. This won’t be a quick meal, so plan at least an hour for dinner, you’ll want to savor it. Check out the extensive menu here.

2. Highlands Hollow

Since we’re venturing out in North Boise, shouldn’t your eating options be in the same area? A favorite stop for snow monkeys coming down from Bogus, Highlands Hollow has the perfect ambiance and warmth for these chilly winter evenings. Sit around their indoor fire pit as you enjoy the option of more than 15 local, handcrafted beers, and upgraded pub fare. With live music every Wednesday night, and a fantastic patio for when the weather warms up, starting your night at Highlands Hollow is sure to guarantee a great time. View their delicious menu here.

3. Sunray Cafe

Remember we’re looking for a good food-foundation, and what better way to guarantee that than a delicious hand-tossed pizza from Sunray Cafe? With a huge outdoor patio, and the daytime weather feeling a little spring-like, Sunray would be a great place to start your night a little earlier – maybe catch some of those elusive rays. Sunray’s menu includes many other hearty options as well.


Dive Bars i.e. The Main Event


ARE YOU READY!? You’ve gotten your food foundation down, so now it’s time to crawl your way through three great bars in north Boise.

1. Terry’s State Street Saloon

We’re going to start a little ways down State St – State and Collister, to be exact. Terry’s is a fantastic dive bar. It has everything essential – cheap drinks, post-smokey atmosphere AND karaoke seven nights a week!  map

2. Turners

As you make your way back east, down State, Turners will be your next stop. Tucked away behind a tackle shop of the same name, it’s easy to miss. As the Boise Weekly says “Don’t let this dive’s rickety exterior and 20-year regulars fool you: Though you can buy bait and tackle in the same building, Turner’s is all about cocktails.”  It’s a little dark, a little shady-seeming, but with top shelf whiskey for around $3, how can you go wrong? And, you can buy some fishing tackle at the same place. What’s not to like? map

3. O’Michaels

O’Michaels is a family friendly restaurant and bar, serving great pub fare and prime rib on Saturday nights. On Saturdays, you can also get your dance on with great music from 9 to midnight. This is a great spot to finish out your dive crawl night. map


Which brings us to…




Since you won’t want the added worry of who is going to drive, or the consequences of driving while intoxicated, it’s a great idea to take care of your transportation ahead of time. With that in mind, why not try something different than the usual taxi? Have a new experience! Even if you might not remember all the details in the morning. . .

1. Rod’s Limos

Who wouldn’t want to be driven around by the brother of Kevin Spacey, who just so happens to also be a Rod Stewart lookalike? Pick out the costume of your choice, and Rod will cart you around in one of his two limos, wearing what you chose.  His psychedelic website is strangely fitting.

2. Uber

Uber is new to the Boise area, but is very well known in larger metropolitan areas (read a great review here). Unfortunately, towncars are not the norm in Boise yet, but the cars will be clean, and possibly stocked with water. The convenience of Uber makes it a great choice for a night like this. Register online before you go out, and you’ll be able to request a ride based on your gps location. All payment is done online, so there is no need to carry cash.

3. ReCab

ReCab is joining the list of Boise businesses who are making it a point to be kind to the environment. Their two refurbished “eco-luxury” Mercedes Towncar and Taxi run on biodiesel, and are available 24/7. Be sure to call or schedule your car online in advance.


Do you have any other favorite dive bars in north Boise? Share in the comments! And, we especially want to hear about your experiences on this particular dive bar crawl.


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