The Progressive Dinner Date

Just in time for planning a great date for the weekend.

When was the last time you did a Progressive Dinner? This is an updated and fun way to enjoy the traditional dinner date, alone or with a group. You begin the evening at one person’s house, or favorite restaurant, and then move to a different location or home for each part of the meal, switching the choice of location back and forth between the two of you (if you’d like). You can show off your cooking skills (or fool your date by closely following one of Dappered’s great Make It For Your Date recipes), share your favorite food, introduce your date to something specific to your culture or family, or showcase your favorite restaurant(s). It feels a bit like a scavenger hunt if you’re doing this out and about. You pick a place for drinks, they pick a place for apps. Main course is on you, and then they pick a location for dessert (easy there Pepé).


Tips for a great night:

1. Have fun with this process! Here are some ideas:

  • Decide on a theme between the two of you, and showcase drinks and foods related to that theme.
  • If you’re going out, make it into a game (if you haven’t chosen the locations beforehand) – walk around downtown and stop only at restaurants that start with a certain letter
  • Move to a new block for each section of the meal, and go into the first restaurant on your right.
  • Be creative! This is about creating an experience.

2. For Drinks and Apps – this can be done at two different locations (drinks at one house, appetizers at another), or you can take advantage of all the happy hour opportunities that Boise has to offer. Many restaurants have food and drink specials. Or head on over to Bardenay – they have a great app specials until 6, and cheap drinks (no drink happy hour) to pair with them. Where are you favorite drink and appetizer spots?

3. If you’re moving from house to house, create an environment that fits that section of the meal.

  • Drinks and appetizers – Sit out on your patio, or put a blanket down on the lawn if the weather cooperates.
  • Dinner – Set the table nicely beforehand – cloth napkins are a cheap and easy way to class up a dinner setting.
  • Dessert – Feel free to add some romance here. Maybe you move back out onto the patio, or blanket, but add some battery votive candles to enhance the ambiance.

This twist on dinner offers you and your date the opportunity to see each other in real ways – how will she react to what I’ve made? Will he be open to trying something new? These are attitudes and reactions that you want to know for the long-term anyway.

Author: Date Better Boise

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